Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover!” (Mark Twain).

Pamela Valente was born in 1974 in Monopoli (Apulia) Italy.

At age twenty she decides to leave and let herself be guided by her other passion besides her passion for photography: travel.

It’s the multiethnic chaos of the metropolis of London that shelters her for over a year, and it’s the contradictions of living in a large city, crushed by the all consuming processes of modern urbanisation and enriched by the cohabitation of different, and sometimes contrasting, cultural models, that conquer her irrevocably. She will never cease to admire London, and it’s in London that she starts to dream, while struggling in between everyday chores and the rhythm of everyday life, which is not always people friendly.

She loses herself in the surrounding reality and longs to capture life in images that embody the force and contrast of what she lives, and more, to transfer these emotions to the people surrounding her. To reveal the worlds’ heart to those excluded, to have those who are motionless experience travel.

In 2001 she moves to the Netherlands, where still today she lives and works.

She studies photography in Amsterdam, at one of the most prestigious institutes in the business, Fotogram, where she gradually specialises in landscape photography and where she quickly develops a personal portfolio with thematic images.

In 2008 one of her photographs is selected among the top 100 by the professional jury of the Metro Global Photo Challenge Holland.

Subsequently she gets hired to create artvertising material for a company that creates traditional jewelry and luxury items.

In 2009 one of her photographs gets selected by National Geographic Italy in the category “Nature” and is published online.

In 2010 her work is exhibited in the NH Church in Ravenstein.

Her activities throughout the years enable her in 2009 to sign a contract with Lonely Planet, the Australian publisher that specialises in travel guides and books. One of her photographs is selected among the best photographs of 2011 and in 2012 several of her photographs are selected for the iPhone application.

In 2011 she collaborates with WNF Nederland (WWF Netherlands) for the project “Art for Nature”, that collects and exhibits art works of photographers, painters and sculptors, which were donated to the foundation and get exhibited in a charity exhibition that supports the environment and endangered species.

Simultaneously she collaborates with musicians from the independent Dutch music scene, who charge her with portraiting them for promotional goals.

Currently she is busy with her latest photographs, which were taken during her recent trip in the United States, as well as organising a travelling exhibition that unites the most striking photographs and the most important moments.

Would you like to have an event, such as your wedding or concert, registered for all time? Or require images perfectly reflecting a culture or landscape? Please get in contact with Pamela Valente Photography and see if there is a match.